2019 Sponsors

We invite you to patronize our donors and sponsors. The 2019 Philadelphia Honey Festival would not be possible (and would not be as fun!) without generous support from the following:

For the eighth straight year, our most loyal sponsor and supporter, Philly Homebrew Outlet, will be showing off their honey-based libations beginning with Bee-Happy Hour on Friday September 6 and continuing throughout the weekend.  2019 Honey Festival sponsor, Philly Homebrew Outlet redefines “homebrew” by specializing in the finest equipment and ingredients for making beer, wine, cheese, sourdough, kombucha, and charcuterie, as well as hoPhilly HomeBrew logo 2013me and professional bar equipment.  Their goal is to provide you with the best customer service and expert knowledge, so you can succeed in meeting your homebrew goals.

Years ago, there was a store located in South Philly named Barry’s Homebrew Outlet.  Nick Less started brewing with Barry; Jimmy McMillan started brewing alone following the guidance of any book he could find.  The boys met at Barry’s Homebrew Outlet in the summer of 2003 at a “SPAM: South Philly Ale Makers” meeting, and have been friends ever since.

In 2011, Jimmy and Nick bought Barry’s Homebrew which was renamed Philly Homebrew Outlet in 2013.  They resigned their jobs and started a new business driven by the love and passion of homebrewing.  Their locations at 1314 S. 47th St., Philly and 215 West Clinton Ave., Oaklyn, NJ are a one stop shop for all types of Do-It-Yourself consumables.  The vast knowledge of the Philly Homebrew team is freely shared with anyone that walks into the store.  Ask any fermentation question and, if you don’t receive the exact answer, you’ll get a justified open opinion on the subject.

The Philadelphia Honey Festival is proud to have The Colony Meadery back with us for the seventh year in a row!  On Saturday September 7, enjoy samples of delightfully named meads such as “Straight, No Chaser” a traditional orange blossom honey mead, “Woofie Dog”(hint: all of their hopped meads have dog themed names).

The Colony Meadery

Located in a former Mack Truck factory at 211 E Third St in South Bethlehem, PA, 2019 Honey Festival sponsor, The Colony Meadery, has a tasting room that offers tasting flights, mead on draft and by the bottle, mead slushies, and regularly scheduled tours.

The Colony Meadery is a partnership, which started when Greg Heller-LaBelle moved back to his childhood home of Bethlehem, PA, and revived the Lehigh Valley Beer Society (LVBS).  The annual August tasting was a special event; everyone was encouraged to raid the cellar and bring out something dusty.  LVBS’s then-newest member, Mike Manning, decided to bring some of his homemade mead.

Greg asked if Mike had ever considered becoming a professional meadmaker; Mike said no.  That might have been the end of it, but Greg was a longtime beer blogger who had paid too much attention to the craft beverage industry not to see an opportunity.  Three months later, they shook hands over a draft of a business plan.  The Colony Meadery started selling in late 2013, with a focus on clean finishes and bold flavor profiles.

Philadelphia Honey Festival thanks Grid for sustaining its sponsorship for a sixth year!  2019 Philadelphia Honey Festival sponsor, Gridis a free, monthly print publicationgrid_towards_logo focused on sustainability issues and initiatives in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Beyond the helpful how-to’s, Grid explains complex issues in a straightforward and easy to understand way.  How many people really know what storm water management is, or geothermal heating?  Their journalists spell it out, draw pictures — heck, they may even write songs — whatever it takes to demystify these important concepts!  They want people to read Grid and feel like taking on the world, not hiding under their beds.

Print copies can be found at local businesses and events in and around Philadelphia as well as online in a digital edition format.

Philadelphia Honey Festival is grateful for MOM’s sponsorship for two years running!  MOMsLogo_600_ColorScott Nash started Mom’s Organic Market (MOM’s) at the age of 22 with an initial investment of $100 as a home delivery business out of his mom’s garage.  In July 1987, MOM’s made its first sale, delivering to a customer in Rockville, MD.  Soon, Scott bought his sister’s Chevy Malibu station wagon for $1,000, which he used to make grocery deliveries in the middle of the night.  A big break came when Scott’s college roommate, who worked at a local organic retailer that went out of business earlier that day, put a note on the door telling people to go to MOM’s instead.

Vegetarian Times ordered a box of mail order produce from MOM’s (then called Organic Foods Express) and gave a positive review in their magazine, which brought hundreds of mail order customers.  After 3 decades, 2019 Philadelphia Honey Festival Sponsor MOM’s has stores in four states and Washington, DC, employs 1,000+ people, and has created a culture centered on their purpose: To protect and restore the environment.

Philadelphia Honey Festival welcomes and thanks its newest sponsors, The Soulfull Project, honeygrow, and Winc Wine Club.   

Founded by Justin Rosenberg in Philadelphia in 2012, hg_logo_big honeygrow brings people together over the highest quality, wholesome, simple foods. As a newly converted proponent of a plant-based diet and tired of the mediocrity in both food and experiences presented by many of the older + emerging fast dining options, Justin decided to leave the cubicle world, train in a fine-dining kitchen, and pursue a life that spoke to his passion: creating awesome things through the lens of nourishing foods.  Stop in at one of their six Philly locations or look for them in MA, NJ, DE, NY, PA, VA, and MD.

Wine is one of life’s simple pleasures. Winc believes that the experience of getting a great bottle of wine should be as simple as enjoying one. Their team creates and curates over a hundred wines, and makes the experience of exploring wine easy and pleasurable— so you can spend more time enjoying the wine in your glass.  Winc was founded in 2012 by Xander Oxman and Geoff McFarlane because of a shared belief that wine winc logo 3should be simpler to get and easier to enjoy.  They joined forces with California-based winemaker Brian Smith to build Winc, a personalized wine club  offering an online membership experience, with wines that are featured at select retailers and restaurants nationwide. Winc is a thriving community of hundreds of thousands of wine lovers that is growing everyday.

The mission of The Soulfull Project is making good quality, NON GMO, clean label, multigrain hot cereals that tastes amazing.  And they’re making it available to everyone— regardless of social or economic status.  For every serving of Soulfull_RoundLogo®The Soulfull Project’s hot cereal purchased they donate a serving of their
4 Grain cereal to a food bank in our region.  A serving for a serving. Back to your community. Co-founded by former Campbell Soup employees, Megan Shea and Chip Heim, whose hope is that The Soulfull Project will help make it easy for all of us to have an impact on the lives of our neighbors.

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