2014 Sat’day

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Wyck Historic House, Garden, and Farm
Saturday, September 6, 10am-4pm

Local Food: Farm Truck, Just Jackie’s Food Truck, Down Dog Healing Cafe, Little Jimmie’s Coffee Roasters & Bakeshop, and Inspired Brews

Live Broadcast from G-Town Radio

10 am-4 pm House Museum Open, FREE Admission

10 am – 4 pm Children’s Activites
Waggle Dance, Build your Bee Antenna, Visit the Wyck Chicks, and Pickles the Rooster, Wander the Farm, Enjoy a Story, Take your picture as the Queen Bee!

10 am – 4 pm  Enjoy a locally sourced marketplace of vendors and organizations, sample local grades of honey and honey beer, live demos, and lots of learning!

10:30 am Open Hive Demonstration – What’s Going On In There?  (Take a peek!)

11:00 am Deadline to Drop off Mead Entries into the sharing event for professional feedback from The Colony Meadery. View Full Mead Event Details Here.

11:30 am Honey Extraction – How Do You Get the Honey Away From the Bees?

12:00 noon – 4:00 pm Mead-making, Tasting, and Sharing (21+ and over in the Rose Garden) Enjoy a short mead-making demo, followed by home brewers gathering to receive feedback and taste each others product. Those who did not enter a mead can enjoy commercial mead tastings and sales from The Colony Meadery.

12:00 noon Jon McGoran, author of ecological thrillers Drift, and its newly released sequel, Deadout, which takes a chilling look at the world of GMOs, biotechnology and the disappearance of the bees. McGoran has been writing about food and sustainability for twenty years, as communication director at Weavers Way Co-op and editor of The Shuttle newspaper, and later as editor at Grid magazine. He is also an advocate for urban agriculture, cooperative development and labeling of genetically engineered foods. His short fiction, nonfiction and satire have appeared in numerous publications. Writing as D. H. Dublin, he is also author of the forensic thrillers Body Trace, Blood Poison and Freezer Burn. Visit him at www.jonmcgoran.com.

12 – 12:30 pm Nana Feather and Brother Fitz share the story of The Sweet Honey Bee n’ Da Dirt Dabba Wasp

12:30 pm Open Hive Demonstration – What’s Going On In There?  (Take a peek!)

1:00 pm Young Beekeepers Panel featuring Tyriq Peterson (19 years old), Murad Brundage (17 years old),  Sophia Troiano (9 years old) , and Evelyn Feldman (6 yrs old), discussing why they got involved with bees and what keeps them interested.

2:00 pm Alison Gillespie, Author of Hives in the City: Keeping Honey Bees Alive in an Urban World. All over North America, honey bees are faltering from myriad problems. Interestingly, news about their struggles has caused the emergence of a new kind of beekeeper, one who is often young, female, and seeking to provide honey bees a safe home in the city. Author Alison Gillespie spent a year following urban beekeepers in the urban core of the mid-Atlantic US, and then wrote about the experience in Hives in the City. In many surprising “unnatural” locations, the bees form an important link for people to the natural world, and the people who tend to city hives are often as interesting as the bees themselves. This talk will include an overview of the current research on Colony Collapse Disorder and ways that all of us – even those who don’t keep bees – can help these important creatures thrive in any location.  More info about Alison can be found at www.alisongillespie.com

2:30 pm Honey Extraction – How Do You Get the Honey Away From the Bees?

3:00 pm Bee Bearding with Don Shump of Philadelphia Bee Company!

3:30pm Open Hive Demonstration – What’s Going On In There?  (Take a peek!)

12 – 4 pm Home Brewing with Honey Event: Sponsored by: The Colony Meadery of Allentown

The Colony Meadery

Drop off: Friday 9/5 10 am – 4 pm & Saturday 9/6 by 11 am at Wyck.  You may also drop off at: The Colony Meadery in Allentown through Thursday 9/5. Malt House Ltd. in Mt. Airy during regular business hours through Friday 9/5.

The event will take place in the rose garden at Wyck. Only those who enter homebrews will be allowed to sample entries and receive feedback. Everyone is welcome to sample and purchase commercial grade Mead from The Colony Meadery, who will be on site for judging, educating, and sharing this sweet beverage.

4:00 pm RAFFLE – Winning Tickets are pulled!

Venue Coordinator:  Bob McKee, bmckee@wyck.org

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