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2015 Honey Festival sponsor Philly Homebrew Outlet redefines “homebrew” by specializing in the finest equipment and ingredients for making beer, wine, cheese and charcuterie, as well as home and professional bar equipment.  Their goal is to provide you with the best customer service and expert knowledge, so you can succeed in meeting your homebrew goals.

Years ago, there was a store located in South Philly named Barry’s Homebrew Outlet.  Nick Less started brewing with Barry; Jimmy McMillan started brewing alone following the guidance of any book he could find.  The boys met at Barry’s Homebrew Outlet in the summer of 2003 at a “SPAM: South Philly Ale Makers” meeting, and have been friends ever since.

After 15 years of running and owning the store, Barry felt it was time to move on, and offered to sell the business to Jimmy and Nick.  Once the offer of purchasing the store was on the table, they both resigned their jobs and started a new business driven by the love and passion of homebrewing.

Since 2011, Nick and Jimmy have been running the store from a new location, just blocks away from Northern Liberties.

At 1447 North American Street lies an 1800 square-foot building that’s a one stop shop for all types of Do-It-Yourself consumables.  The vast knowledge of the Philly Homebrew team is freely shared with anyone that walks into the store.  Ask any fermentation question and, if you don’t receive the exact answer, you’ll get a justified open opinion on the subject.

Homebrewing as a verb means to brew up something at home.  This is usually perceived as beer brewing, but every morning you wake up and brew a pot of coffee . . . isn’t that “Homebrewing” too?  Why not crushing fresh fruit and making a small batch wine, or pressing your first semi soft cheese into a shaped mold?  Want to start making your own Salami in your basement or growing tender Shiitake on a log in your dining room?  Need a great sourdough starter?  They have you covered!  Yep, that’s Redefining Homebrew!

For the fourth straight year, our most loyal donor / supporter, Philly Homebrew Outlet, will be showing off their honey-based libations at the Philadelphia Honey Festival beginning with Honey Happy Hour on September 11, and will be brewing with honey, live, on-site September 13.

Philly HomeBrew logo 2013

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