2012 Sat’day

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SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8 at The Wyck Historic House and Garden

10 am – 4 pm  Children’s activities
throughout the day, programmed by Christina Moresi, Youth Education Coordinator, Wyck.  Honey tastings and sales, vendors, food & drink concessions, and honey-beer brewing demonstrations from Scott Wikander of the Malt House.  Musical interludes by the Riverside Bluegrass Band!

10:30 am  Open Hive Talk given by knowledgeable members of the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild.  Peek inside a real live bee hive and see what goes on!

11:30 am  Honey Extraction  — How do you get the honey from the hive into a jar?

12:30 pm  Mead Tasting, sponsored by Stonekeep Meadery; honey gelato samples by Capogiro.  Bring a picnic lunch if you like!

1:00 pm  Deb Delaney, Ph. D., prominent honey bee researcher from University of Delaware, will speak on The Secret Lives of Bees:  Feral Bees in Trees.

2:00 pm  Matthew Shoemaker, Director of Digital Collections & Systems, and Sarah Newhouse, Archivist, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, will present 300 Years of the Philadelphia Honeybee, a description of Philadelphia’s early Beekeeping history as found in their collections.

3:00 pm  Fred Schaeffer, Ph.D, Philadelphia University of the Sciences — Alias Sherlock “Honey” Holmes — will discuss the much anticipated results of his chemical analysis of the honeys of Philadelphia

3:30 pm Open Hive Talk

4 -5 pm *AFTER HOURS* Free Tasting of Honey-based Beers at Brewer’s Outlet, 7401 Germantown Avenue, just 2 mi. northwest of Wyck on the Avenue.

We thank the Whole Foods store in Jenkintown for their generous support of the activities at Wyck Historic House and Garden on September 8, 2012

Venue Coordinator, Jenny Leibert (jleibert@wyck.org)


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