2018 Sunday Sep. 9

Sunday, September 9, 2018  10 am to 4 pm
Bartram’s Garden 54th St & Lindbergh Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19143

10 am – 4 pm Ongoing Activities 

  • Bartram’s Fall Plant Sale – Pollinator-friendly options
  • Children’s Carnival – Make your own costume for the bee parades!
  • Free Library “Book Bike”, kids’ yoga, and stories (until 3 pm)
  • GAMERS!  Teens and up are invited to try out this “medium weight euro game” Bee Lives: We Will Only Know Summer, which runs 1 to 4 players through a year of managing a wild bee hive, under the guidance of the game’s designer Matt Shoemaker.
  • Vendors’ Marketplace:  local vendors and organizations selling hand-made products and demonstrations including “home brewing with honey” by our sponsor, Philly Homebrew Outlet.  The vendor list is growing; click here to see who to expect!
  • Bartram’s Gift Shop & Tours – Welcome Center
  • Famous Philly food trucks on site: The Tot Cart Revolution Taco Lil Pop Shop and Farm Truck Philly,

Ongoing 11:00 am – 3 pm – Free Boating on the Delaware

Ongoing 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm  – House And Garden Tours Available  Tickets can be purchased in the Welcome Center

*EVENT TENTS WILL SHELTER YOU FROM THE INTERMITTENT RAINS ON SUNDAY. HOWEVER IT WILL BE A BIT CHILLY, SO BUNDLE UP AND BRING RAIN GEAR FOR TRAVEL BETWEEN TENTS.*  The Honey Festival will be held rain or shine, however the activities marked with asterisk (*) below are weather permitting — their timing may be changed to fit in between the raindrops or they may have to be cancelled.  Thank you for your understanding.

*10:30 am Open Hive Talk – Take a peek inside a REAL LIVE hive with an experienced beekeeper!

11:00 am Honey Extraction Demonstration – Learn how honey makes it from the hive and the honeycomb into a jar!

11:30 am Children’s Bee Parade #1 – Don’t forget to make your costumes in the Children’s Area ahead of time.

11:00 am The Plague of the Spotted Lantern Fly – Kirk Wattles 

*12:30 pm Open Hive Talk – What’s going on in there?  Watch and learn as a beekeeper opens a living bee hive right before your eyes.

1:00 pm Honey Extraction Demo – All hands on deck, interactive honey harvest; learn then do it!

1:30 pm The Philly Pollinators’ Corridor – Kim Douglas – When greenspace is broken up by stretches of asphalt and cement, pollinators with short flight ranges are confined to small patches of habitat.  But when we create adjacent oases of habitat, these pollinators can make their way across the city, resting and refueling as they journey.  Kim will discuss the process by which her team is planning – with input from the southwest Philly community – a greenway designed especially for pollinators.

*2:00 pm Open Hive Talk – Come closer if you dare!  Ask the beekeeper anything you want to know about honey bees.

2:00 pm Music by the Red Hot Ramblers – an authentic 1920s jazz ensemble in every way – they exemplify red hot syncopation, stompin’ rhythms, and lyrical melodies associated with the Jazz Age.

2:15 pm Children’s Bee Parade #2 – Visit the Children’s Area ahead of time to make your costumes

2:30 pm “Land On Me” – the perennial reprise of our children’s entertainment featuring the honey bee and the flower who is afraid of her!

2:30 pm – Honey Extraction Demonstration  Learn how honey makes it from the hive and the honeycomb into a jar!

*3:00 pm – Bee Beard!  Watch as Don Shump, Philadelphia Bee Company, creates a beard of bees on his face!

*3:30 pm – Open Hive Talk  – Your last chance to see inside a real bee hive at the 2018 Honey Festival!

Venue Coordinator:  Leslie Gale  lgale@bartramsgarden.org  215-729-5281

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