Lorenzo Langstroth

Our main man

Langstroth was born in Philadelphia. He grew to be a minister. He kept bees in West Philadelphia and some time in the late 1820’s or so, he recognized the idea of ‘bee space’. He designed his bee hive with bee space in mind. This design, the most popular to this day, maintains bee space between all the important components which more or less keeps the bees from gluing it all together.

Because the individual components of the hive can be taken apart and inspected the beekeeper gains a small degree of control over the life of the colony. This innovation has made modern beekeeping possible.

Honey Fest was first held in 2009 as a celebration of the Guild’s campaign to erect an historical marker at Langstroth’s birthplace on Front Street in Philadelphia.

We enjoyed the first one immensely and have maintained the tradition ever since.

This will be our second Honey Fest since Covid. We hope that many of you will be able to attend and celebrate the honey harvest with us this year.

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