What is Bee Bread?

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July 17, 2018 by lkreslins

Have you ever heard of Bee Bread? It’s not a sweet and crusty delicacy found at your local bakery or a dessert at your favorite restaurant. It’s actually something entirely different, and altogether magical.

Bee Bread is, in fact, the food that sustains bees and their larvae. The protein source is fed to everyone except for the larvae that have been singled out to become queens of the hive. The aspiring queens are fed royal jelly instead, and this nourishment is integral to the development of strong hive queens. Royal jelly is the secretion used by nurse bees to nourish the royal larvae, as well as adult queens.

Bee Bread is made up of an assortment of ingredients ranging from pollen, beeswax, and special digestive enzymes. This life-giving substance contains vitamin K, fatty acids, enzymes, and flavonoids. In some cases, it has been known to also contain fungi particles. The process of generating Bee Bread also has a fermentation process involved that additionally amps up the health benefits of the substance.

Known commercial uses for Bee Bread include the treatment of anemia, hepatitis, insomnia, stress, failing memory, cholesterol and digestive tract disorders.

Bee Bread is also used in adolescent treatments for promoting physical and mental growth and improving the memory of children.

It’s difficult to find, but can be acquired in specialty shops and from local beekeepers. So make sure to be on the lookout for Bee Bread from our various sponsors and vendors at Honey Fest 2018 on September 7, 8, and 9!

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