Q: What’s BREWING for the Honey Festival? A: Our sponsor – Philly Homebrew Outlet!

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August 28, 2017 by KathyMay

Whether it’s mead or honey beer, Philly Homebrew Outlet has all the information, and equipment you’ll need!  You’ll find them at all three Honey Festival venues, sharing, teaching, demonstrating and YES, sampling too!

Philly Homebrew Outlet has been a great sponsor and partner for the Honey Festival!  And while we share a love of the sweet nectar called honey, we also share many values to which we aspire!

Plonski bee sunflower

As Philly Homebrew shares on their website they strive to:

EDUCATE – Educate without elitism, encourage guided creativity

ENABLE – Make the experience enabling and positively consistent

ENCOURAGE – Provide ideas to solidify a positive experience

EXPAND – Expand Knowledge, Products, Customer Pride

ENJOY – Enjoy Everything You Do

At the 2017 Philadelphia Honey Festival, you’ll find all of us trying to do these very things as we tell the story of the honeybee and honey.  Come celebrate National Honey month with us!

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