It’s official- Glen Foerd LOVES Bees!

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June 29, 2017 by glenfoerd

Greetings from your friends at Glen Foerd on the Delaware!

When Glen Foerd was asked to participate in the Philadelphia Bee Keepers Guild’s Philadelphia Honey Fest last year, we jumped at the chance.  We did after all have a history of having honey bees on-site. Our gate house, much to the joy of its tenants it turns out, had an active honey bee hive in its rafters for over 18 years. Glen Foerd also has a strong history of gardening and crop and dairy farming, so honey bees were never far from our minds.

Last year we hired our first horticulturalist, Sam Torres. Turns out not only is he amazingly knowledgeable about plants, he also is a very successful beekeeper!  Sam owns Keystone Colonies Beekeeping, and has been very influential in bringing Glen Foerd into the world of beekeeping.

In April of this year,  with Sam’s guidance, we prepared for and purchased our first honey bee hive. YAY! Sam, always the prepared beekeeper, knew it was the perfect time of year for honey bee swarms. Over the Spring Sam was able to safely catch three natural swarms on the property.  By the end of the Spring we had a lot of ladies to take of!


Our first swarm of the season gathered on a holly tree in the estate’s rose garden.

Every girl needs a beautiful home, and we made sure that the “girls” were living in style, thanks to the talented visual artists students at the Philadelphia Public School, The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush.


Visual Arts teacher, Cathy Bateman, with her students from the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush and Glen Foerd’s Horticulturalist and Beekeeper, Sam Torres (front row, right).


Our new colonies are well on their way, and we are happy to have honey bees calling Glen Foerd home. And did we mention the benefits of having the bees here?  No?  Well, you’ll  just have to check back again soon and read our next blog post on Thursday, July 6th. We’ll meet you back here bee lovers!

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