What to do with all the honey you buy at HoneyFest?

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September 1, 2016 by jhoffdog

blog icon1. Honey makes GREAT gifts!  Housewarming, birthday, holidays, work buddies.

2. Honey is helpful for sore throats and cough – make sure you have a stash before fall and winter arrive.

3.  Toast – add a little butter and raw honey…..yummmmmmy!

4.  Baking – there are so many recipes that use honey.

5. Honey-glazed carrots

5. Oatmeal topper

6. Tea and honey, of course.

7. Ginger tea – make your own by boiling water with ginger root and then adding honey.

8. Honey baked beans

9. Honey butter (that’s right…honey…butter…mmmm)

10. Honey and goat cheese

What do you like to do with honey?  Let us know at #phillyhoneyfest2016

Come to HoneyFest for the free activities and learning sessions, then buy some wonderful, local honey from our wonderful vendors!



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