Finding Beauty and Expression in Bees

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August 24, 2016 by glenfoerd

Bees have fascinated artists throughout time. Sculptors, print makers, performance artists and fine artists draw inspiration from the insect’s organization, geometric hives, and their unique place in our ecosystem.


Earlier this year, Glen Foerd on the Delaware announced its 2016-2017 Artists in Residence. One of the chosen artists, Talia Greene, had previously used bees in her artistry to explore human assumptions about the disorder of nature. Using dried flowers stems and stamen, bug parts, and human hair, Greene’s installation Cross-Pollination, featured at The Print Center in 2003 was a whimsical, and beautiful design that seemed to almost disintegrate under a swarm of bees. A close-up look of each bee shows the small details that were created by Greene.

More recently, and article featured in Smithsonian Magazine, featured an article about a large scale sculptural installation by artist Wolfgang Buttress, that physically interacts with live bees.

Whether you enjoy a teaspoon of honey in your tea, or you appreciate the art of beekeeping, we hope that you will find inspiration and beauty in the honey bee and will join our celebration of this wonderful insect by visiting Glen Foerd on the Delaware on Friday, September 9th, Wyck Historic House, Garden and Farm on Saturday, September 10th and Bartram’s Gardens on Sunday, September 11th. For a full list of events click here.


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